I cannot afford £20 per session, how can I access free counselling in Leicester?

Due to being a private counselling service, we are unable to reduce fees any lower than £20 per session. Therefore we recommend that you speak with your GP, who may be able to refer you to access psychological therapies. There may be a waiting list, and a limit to the amount of sessions you can have but this service will be provided by the NHS and therefore will be at no cost. Alternatively, some charities in Leicester provide counselling, some of these are free, others request a contribution towards the service received. There may be a waiting list for these services. You can access information on charities offering counselling in Leicester via the Leicester City Council website.


How many sessions can I have?

At present our low-cost service can offer you as many sessions as you and your counsellor believe you require, this includes long-term and open-ended contracting. You will never be encouraged to stay in therapy longer than viewed necessary.


I am unemployed at the minute so qualify for low-cost, but what if I get a job?

Should you access our service whilst unemployed, we will honour the low-cost service. However should your income increase, your therapist will discuss the fee with you, and be willing to compromise on a fee that feels appropriate to your new circumstance.


Does low-cost mean a lower standard of service?

No, all our therapists whether working for our full or low-cost services are members of professional governing bodies and have undergone a rigorous recruitment process. The therapists who offer the low-cost service assist us to deliver high quality psychological therapies to the communities of Leicester by volunteering their skills.




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